July 23-25
2015 ARPA State Diving and Swimming Meet
Birmingham Crossplex

August 8-9
2015 ARPA State Archery Tournament
Dothan, AL

September 2
District V Meeting in Auburn

September 8-10
Professional Growth Workshop
Orange Beach, AL

September 9
Fall Board Meeting at 10 a.m,
Orange Beach, AL

September 23
2015 ARPA Amazing Games
Lagoon Park, Montgomery, AL

October 19-21
ARPA Five-O Beach Trip
Orange Beach, AL

October 21
“Lunch and Learn” Director’s Roundtable

November 2-4
2015 LEAD

November 21-22
2015 ARPA State Soccer Tournament
Dothan, AL

December 2
District V Meeting in Opelika