ARPA Membership Categories

Affiliate Membership – Any municipal, county, or military park, recreation, and/or leisure service agency in Alabama which employs at a minimum a paid, half-time (20 hrs per week) park, recreation, or leisure service administrator whose salary is equal to or greater than pay equal to 1020 hours at the current Federal minimum hourly wage. Eligible agencies shall provide for the recreational, park, and leisure service needs of the total community which includes sponsorship and administration of a variety of facilities, activities, and programs distributed throughout the year for a specific geographical location and which are in alignment with the aims and objectives of the Alabama Recreation and Parks Recreation (ARPA). Affiliate membership includes a Professional Membership for the department/agency director.

  • Level 1 Affiliate (Population under 15,000)
  • Level 2 Affiliate (Population 15,001 – 25,000)
  • Level 3 Affiliate (Population over 25,000)

Professional – An individual whose full-time primary occupation is devoted to the administration, management, supervisory, or leadership level in a recreation, park, conversation, or leisure service agency, to include government (federal, state, county, municipal, or school), college or university, institutions (hospital, nursing home, or related agency), or industrial, armed forces, private, or voluntary organizations, commissions, board, department, authority, or district.

Associate – Any individual not eligible for professional membership, but who is employed by a recreation, park, therapeutic, or leisure service entity.

Corporate – Any business or individual marketing services and/or merchandise to recreation, park, or leisure service agencies shall be eligible for corporate membership. Corporate members shall receive a 10% discount on exhibition registration fees and advertising in the ARPA publications.

Retiree – Any individual employed as a full-time recreation professional at the time of their retirement.

Student – Any individual attending either a 2-year or 4-year college or university interested in the recreation, park, and leisure services profession as a career.

Allied – Any non-profit organization with direct or related interest in the public parks, recreation, or leisure services field.

Municipal Officials/Park Board/Commission – Elected or appointed officials, policy, or advisory board or committee member concerned with and involved in parks, recreation, or leisure service agencies and organizations.

Citizen – Any person interested in the promotion of parks, recreation, or leisure services or concerned with the issues facing the profession.

ARPA CoachSafely Initiative Citizen Member – Any person concerned with the issues regarding safety training in youth sports and requiring CoachSafely Training.