Introducing the 2022 LEAD Program.  We  are rolling out two new compenents for 2022 – LEAD MENTOR and LEAD ReCONNECT.

LEAD Dates: November 2 – 4 @ Camp Skyline in Mentone Alabama

LEAD :  2.5 day program consisting of leadership development/enhancement activities, FISH! Philosophy for Leaders and team building exercises. The program will also focus on potential opportunities for involvement by the attendees in ARPA and networking with fellow professionals.  As a part of the program, outdoor adventure programming will be used which will require physical activity and participation. Classroom lecture, participation and other outdoor activities are also used. All adventure programming is challenge by choice. There will be follow up activities via email. Class will be limited to 10 participants.  Cost to Attend – $175 (includes lodging and meals while at Camp Skyline)

LEAD MENTORS:    LEAD MENTORS are current or retired/honorary ARPA Professional Members who have a passion for guiding new professionals.  Mentors are expected to attend the LEAD program where they will help the LEAD facilitator and meet, spend time with their mentee.   Mentors will be asked to commit one year to mentor the LEAD participant.  Mentoring includes regular communication, ensuring LEAD participant is aware of professional development opportunities and helping the LEAD participant improve their leadership skills. Mentors will be selected by the Alabama Recreation and Parks Foundation through an application process. The number of mentors accepted each year will be based on the number of LEAD participants.   Mentors must be current or retired/honorary ARPA Professional Members in good standing with the Association. Mentors must have been an ARPA member for at least one year, with five years professional parks and recreation experience.  LEAD graduates are preferred. ARPF will cover the cost of the Mentor to attend LEAD, provided they meet the requirements, commit to being a mentor for at least one year and assist as needed.

LEAD ReCONNECT: LEAD ReCONNECT is an opprotunity for past LEAD graduates to reconnect with fellow LEAD graduates as well as offer insight and networking to the current LEAD class.  LEAD ReCONNECT will join the LEAD program on Thursday Nov 3rd after lunch. Participants are invited  to attend the classroom portion of LEAD at 1245 on Thursday  and will be asked to participate in a joint activity that evening with the LEAD class.  On Friday there will be a round table discussion with LEAD participants, LEAD Mentors and LEAD ReCONNECT. All are invited to the wrap up- “Who Are You Being?” session.  COST TO ATTEND:  $60 to cover cost of lodging and 2 meals.  T shirt available for an additional cost.

2022 LEAD Application (PDF)
2022 LEAD ReConnect Registration Form (PDF)
2022 LEAD Mentor Application (PDF)