The CoachSafely course is available exclusively to volunteer coaches of the municipalities, leagues, and associations that are members of the ARPA. If your park or league administrator has signed up for the CoachSafely course, you will receive an email from CoachSafely to set up a password for your account. To log in to your account, click here.

Please note: At this time, the CoachSafely course is not available for individual coaches who are not part of a CoachSafely city or association. If you would like your city or association to provide the Coach Safely course, please contact your park or league administrator.


I did not receive an e-mail from InjureFree.
If you did not receive an e-mail from InjureFree, please try the following:

  1. Check your spam or junk folder
  2. If available, check with your IT administrator to see if the e-mail was blocked by a firewall.
  3. Contact your park or league administrator to check that your e-mail address was entered correctly. If so, ask your administrator to have the e-mail resent.

I accidentally deleted the e-mail from InjureFree.
If the e-mail cannot be recovered from your trash or deleted folder, please contact your parks and rec director to have your e-mail resent to you.

How can I print my certificate of completion?
After completing all the quizzes, a link will become available that says “Print your Coach Safely Certificate of Completion”. Under “My Coach Safely Education”, click on the box that says “Coach Safely” and “100%”. The link is located above the list of modules.

How can I change my password?
From the My Account page, click “Update Password”.


How are the quizzes graded?
The Quiz is graded from 1-5 based on the correct answers. A score of 5 is required in order to have the status marked as Complete. If the score is less than 5 the course is marked Started. If no attempt has been made the status is indicated by a BLANK or no entry.

Can I download a video to my computer?
No, videos are securely stored on the InjureFree website.

Where can I find the Course Overviews?
Above each video is a link that says “Course Overview”. You can view these and follow along with the video or you can use the later for reference.

Can I take a course again even if it is marked completed?
Yes, you may take any course any time regardless of status in case you want to review it again.

Is there a report I can request to see my own progress?
Your Education selection on your dashboard will show you the status of each of your courses. Blank will indicate you have not attempted the course, Started will indicate you
have taken a quiz but not scored a 5 out of 5, and Completed will indicate that you have successfully answered all 5 questions correctly.

How do I get trained?
Contact Tiffany Wade for more information.